A country girl at heart you can always find Kylie enjoying the simple things inlife—adventure, camping, motorbike riding and travel. Prior to Network Marketing, she was a stay at home mumto her two children. She was introduced to the industry byanold high school friend in May 2012, however Kylie had NOinterest in the opportunity and was adamant on only using the products. After 16months as a product user, her life got turned upside down in a business deal that saw her instantly without a business, zero income, a mortgage, and a $110K business loan, and they were about to lose their house. She could see no other way out and took a lookat the opportunity. From there—with laser focus and A LOT of hard work—Kylie hit Millionaire within 2 years and rose to the top of the company being the number 1 income earner for AUS/NZ for the past 3 years;number 8 in the world along with an incredible organization of over 100,000 people. A 7 figure earner, she now spends her time pouring belief into others, casting the vision and showing them the way.