Those who know Lisa Grossmann know how giving she is, how brilliant she is, and how she instills positivity in all those around her. She’s become one of the most sought-after business trainers and speakers. She’s a realist, a humanitarian, a genius – all rolled up into an amazing visionary. Lisa is inspiring. And real.Lisa put in several years of hard work to develop a robust business and strong team. Network Marketing, she believed, was the business of the future – one where she could determine her own worth, work her own way, give others the same opportunity, and she was good at it. Through the years, Lisa developed into an extraordinary businesswoman, a top earner, and an energetic entrepreneur, always willing to impart her knowledge, mentor others, and share her remarkable vision. With an incredible ability for inventive thinking, innovative vision, and genuine affection, Lisa has created an inspired culture like no other and amassed a community of thousands of friends, followers and associates.