People over profits was the origin and has always remained at the very core of Jason Brown and Matthew Rosa’s partnership, which started officially in 2014. Two servant driven leaders who believe their success derived from keeping these two things at the forefront: consistency and simply putting people first. Over the last few years, Matthew and Jason have enjoyed tremendous success, traveled to 36 countries throughout Africa, Europe, Australia, North and South America. They have trained, lead and given hope to those who have struggled, sometimes for years in the profession, sometimes just in life. The have also become caring mentors and models for many in the industry, not just within their organization or company. Although in their first three years they did not see the success they have today, they did not change when the success arrived, they only grew their vision even broader. Matthew and Jason have partnered with some incredible thought leaders and together have built an organization of over active 55,000 customers, 7,000 distributors that ranges to well 50+ countries worldwide and have yielded over $6M in career earnings as a partnership.