Born in Hartford Connecticut to immigrant parents, Nicola Smith Jackson is an entrepreneur, author, radio host and recognized expert in the Network Marketing Industry. Her journey began 10 years ago as an overworked hair stylist, wife and mother of 4 children and 1 disabled with a desire to be home with her family. Having buried 3 children and keeping GOD FIRST, she turned her pains into passion for helping people and within her first full year in Network Marketing made her first million. She is a multi-million dollar earner and amongst the top 20 Network Marketers in the world. Passionate about helping people reach their full potential and in keeping with her “people first” principles, she has built teams of more than 300,000, helped thousands to become successful and speaks around the country inspiring single moms and women to pursue entrepreneurship. Holding the highest rank in her current company, she is also the #1 income earner with the fastest growing team. Nicola enjoys spending time with her family, reading and traveling.