The Hardest Gift to Give

The Hardest Gift to Give

In this week’s video, Eric has an important message about what to do in order to really move forward next year. He says that in addition to looking back at the pros and cons, triumph and defeats of the past year, you need to consider giving yourself a gift: the gift of forgiveness.

It can be hard to forgive others and circumstances, but the hardest thing to do is to forgive yourself. We are so good at being hard on ourselves or agonizing over all the what ifs. But in order to truly shake off the negatives of the past you’ve got to forgive yourself, give yourself a break. Take a look at all of the challenges you’ve faced, all the mistakes you’ve made and view them as learning experiences. You can learn from all of your experiences. There is no such thing as a bad experience; they’re learning experiences.

If you can learn from your experiences, then you can also learn to forgive the mistakes. Know that those mistakes were necessary. They don’t have to define you. Your past does not have to equal your future. So, be thankful for the mistakes that allowed you to learn and grow. But forgive yourself and make a better plan moving forward with a fresh conscience and without guilt and loss of self-esteem. Release that, shake it off, and start the new year in joy. When you do that, the year is going to be incredible for you.

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