Harmony In Your Network Marketing Home

Harmony In Your Network Marketing Home

By Eric Worre

Relationships are a huge part of a successful Network Marketing business, including your family relationships. It’s important that there’s harmony in your home. If there isn’t, it will affect both your family and your business. Your relationships with those closest to you are a reflection of your relationships with your team members and your business. It all starts at home.

Do you feel like your spouse and family aren’t supportive of your Network Marketing business? Here are some possible reasons for that and some things you can do to earn their support and create harmony in your home.

Playing Business

One reason your family may not be supporting you is because you’ve been “playing” business but you haven’t been “doing” business. In other words, you’ve been spending lots of time on the business and away from the family, but you haven’t been bringing in any money. To get buy-in from your family, set a deadline and an amount of money you’ll earn by that deadline. Have them help plan what you’ll do with the money you make once you earn it.

Lack of Communication 

Your spouse may not understand Network Marketing or its value. Share your story with not only your spouse, but every member of your family. Explain why you are building this business, why it’s important to you and how it’s going to benefit the whole family. Explain the benefits of Network Marketing. Share your hopes, dreams and fears with them. This is a great way to practice telling your story to others.


Your spouse may feel that you’re more passionate about your business than about them. If you hear them say this just once, it means they’ve thought it 100 times. Show your spouse the same passion that you show your business. Be sincere and attentive to how they feel and engage them in conversation.


Educating (not recruiting) your spouse about Network Marketing over time will also help build harmony in your home. Show them that what you are involved in is credible. It might help to have them watch a video like Rise of the Entrepreneur, or listen to Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional. You can find a FREE copy of the audio book here .This will help them to understand what you’re doing and why, so they can be more supportive.  Remember, your job as a Network Marketing Professional is to educate people about your products and opportunity.


Building a business doesn’t happen overnight. Explain to your family how much time you need to dedicate to Network Marketing and negotiate with them. You’ll need time and help around the house, so ask for their permission – not their forgiveness after you’ve done something without communicating it. Suggest that after accomplishing a goal, the whole family could celebrate by doing something special. 


They say honesty is the best policy and that goes for your Network Marketing business, too. Have an honest conversation about why you want to build a Network Marketing business and what you want to get out of it, even if it’s a reason they might not agree with, like wanting to earn your own money or wanting more independence. Being honest with them shows respect and will help them understand your decision.

You and your family are the center of your life. When you plan out your life and business goals as a family, you’ll find that they will be more supportive of your Network Marketing business and you’ll have more harmony in your home.

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