How to Solve Problems With Your Upline

How to Solve Problems With Your Upline

How do you solve challenges with your upline? Here are some challenges you might have with your upline and my advice for dealing with them.

Challenge #1 – Your upline gives you no support at all.

You’ve joined Network Marketing, but you feel abandoned and upset because you’re not getting the direction, encouragement, and support you want. But most of the top earners got virtually zero support. It can actually be a great gift to get no support. If you have a great upline that does everything for you, then you don’t have to become much as a leader. But if you don’t have an amazing upline, then you have to rise up and become the leader you’re supposed to be.

So, say goodbye to the expectation that you’re going to get a lot of support. Be appreciative of the fact that your upline helped connect you to Network Marketing, but then take charge. Take charge of your own leadership and support. Be the support you need.

Challenge #2 – Your upline is mean, pushy, aggressive, bossy, etc.

If you feel like your upline is talking down to you or mistreating you, then my advice is the same as before. Tell them that you appreciate their advice, but their particular style doesn’t work for you so you are going to take it from here.

Disconnect yourself from those negative associations and take charge of your business.

Challenge #3 – Your upline is actively sabotaging you.

Unfortunately, this does happen on occasion. Maybe your upline feels threatened by you, there’s a personality conflict, or they have an agenda. But your upline is actively talking you down to other people, the company, and leaders.

This is a little tricky to deal with because you have to be strategic. I know many people get into Network Marketing because they want to get out of the politics of the workspace, but in all big businesses there’s a little bit of politics that you have to learn how to deal with.

So, my advice is to build relationships beyond your upline with the important people in your company and other important leaders within the organization. Build relationships with people both on the corporate side and in the field. This will help defend yourself against these attacks. When somebody says something false about you, those people you’ve built relationships with will know that something doesn’t sound right. Relationships will help diffuse gossip.

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