How to Spot a Recruit That Will Perform

By Eric Worre

I used to have a bias.  I used to believe that the entry point of a new recruit would determine how they did in the Network Marketing profession.


My bias has been proven wrong by the latest data coming out in Network Marketing.

For example, I used to believe that if a person joined a Network Marketing company because of the business opportunity they would be more likely to build a large team than a person that joined as a customer.  As a result, I would put more effort into training and encouraging a person that joined for the opportunity rather than the product.

Like many times in my life, I was wrong.

The latest data emerging in Network Marketing shows large teams are built equally by a person who joins for the products and a person that joins for the opportunity.

When data like this is published we have to observe, learn, and pivot.  We have to let go of any previous notions and change our strategy.

As a result of this trend, recruiting strategies are changing all over the world.  Network Marketers are focusing more on developing large customer lists and realizing that a certain percentage will convert to quality distributors.  The entry point has shifted and so should our strategy.

When you are in search of new recruits don’t go looking for a new recruit.

The new strategy is to build a large customer base.  When you need quality recruits, build your customer list.  Getting a new customer is far easier than finding a quality recruit.  Then condition your mind.  Understand that a small percentage of customers will inquire about being a distributor.  Those people that explore the opportunity will be your highest performing recruits.

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