How to Stay Focused

Have you ever lost an hour? A day? A week? You know, you get some momentum going, and then you get distracted. You start scrolling on Facebook, someone stops over, somebody calls, and there goes the time. And you can never get it back. 

When this happens to me, I make a decision that I’m absolutely going to focus. I put the blinders on. I encourage you to do the same thing. If you find yourself getting distracted by something, stop it, and focus specifically on the task that you need to accomplish.

Here are some things you can do to help you focus:

  • Set significant goals. 

Set monthly, quarterly and yearly goals. Goals give you vision and motivation. Types of goals can include:

    • Income 
    • A habit of doing things now 
    • Customers
    • Recruiting 
    • Rank advancement 
    • Skill advancement 
    • Leadership development 
    • Diversity in your organization
    • Geographical expansion 
    • Destination event attendance


  • Set daily targets.

Daily action works. Sometimes big goals are overwhelming, but concentrating only on what you have to do today isn’t. Daily action is what helps you to eventually meet your long-term goals. Even if you can only do one thing, you’ve accomplished something.


  • Schedule 15-minute blocks.

To maximize your time, think of it in 15-minute blocks. In 15 minutes you can make 5 calls, send 15 text messages, follow up with 3 people, check on your team, inspire someone in your organization or get somebody to register for your next convention, etc. Do two 15-minutes blocks when the kids are doing their homework, do one in the car on the way to work, eat lunch with somebody that you can talk to about your business. If you have 10 hours a week to focus on your business, that’s 40 15-minute blocks. 40 times you can focus, 40 times you can hit it, 40 times you can get results. You could take 8 hours on a Saturday and you’d have 32 15-minute blocks!


  • Create an accountability system.

When you work for yourself there isn’t a built-in accountability system like there is in school or at a job, so you need to create your own. Here are some ways you can keep yourself focused and accountable:

    • Write your goals down. Don’t keep them in your head. Be specific. Write down what you want to, what you should, what you could, and what you need to accomplish. Writing things down will remind you what you need to focus on if you get distracted.
    • Proclaim to the world what you’re going to do. Tell everyone what you’re prepared to do. This makes it very difficult for you to back down because people will ask you about it. 
    • Create rewards for when you meet a goal.  
    • Create penalties for when you don’t meet your goals. Pain, or penalties, work better than any of the previous tips. 

It’s time to get started starving those distractions and feeding your focus NOW!


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