Hunger Pains

Hunger Pains

How hungry are you? Have you ever heard about a great restaurant and everybody got you so excited about it that you become hungry for that awesome meal you’re going to have? But then someone comes up and offers you a potato chip. And you’re hungry, so you take that potato chip. And then you take another. It’s okay, most people don’t really go big in Network Marketing; have another potato chip. After a while, you’ve eaten the whole bag and you’ve forgotten about that beautiful meal.

I want you to never forget the first day you signed up for this opportunity. Always remember that hunger in your belly – that hunger of being able to take you children on a trip, retire your husband, give to a foundation, etc. Sometimes people want to pull us down into that world of mediocrity. But that is no you. Stop that!

So, what is the key thing you need to do to keep that hunger in your belly? YOU! You make the difference. You have to make sure that you get yourself into a great place. Ask yourself, “Would you follow you?” And so, you’ve got to get yourself ready every single day. Every morning I get up and I say, “Today’s going to be the best day of my life…again.” I assume that the day is going to be awesome, even though my bulldog jumped on my clothes and I had to change my outfit. Today is going to be the best day of your life again!

Stay true to yourself. And fill yourself up with premium fuel every day. Remember that hunger; remember that thing that got you started in this profession every day. The legends do this by starting their day with “I am” statements. I am love. I am courage. I am loyal. I am strong. I am passionate. If you wake up every day in that kind of place and think “My business will transform,” then it will change.

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