If I Had More Time

Episode-113-If I Had More Time-Objections in Network Marketing

One of the most common objections that prospects like to throw up when you introduce them to Network Marketing is “I don’t have the time.” Don’t believe that, and here’s one reason why…

There was a recent study that talked about television time. This study showed that the average American watches about 27 hours a week watching television. Let me give you some break downs of this…

Those under 24, average about 22 hours a week watching television. That might sound better than the national average, but that’s because those people are sitting with their devices watching YouTube, playing games, and texting like crazy. Their brains are still being sucked into a device.

One of the things that shocked me is that the older a person gets, the more television they watch. They don’t become wiser and decide to spend their time doing something else. They become more absorbed into the machine. The study showed that if you’re over 65, the average is over 50 hours a week on television. So, the older we get instead of becoming more engaged with the world, we become less engaged in the world, in business, and in contributing to others.

Imagine if people took those 27 hours, and devoted it to building their future instead of being plugged into the system like a battery in a machine. After all, how much contribution can you have on the world if you’re spending 27-50 hours a week watching television?

So, when people tell you that they don’t have the time, don’t call them a liar but don’t believe their story either. Show them that there is a better way than plugging into the latest television series. There’s a better way than just becoming a super consumer and being told what to buy, how to feel, and what to do. There’s a better way than sitting on your couch. There’s a big world out there. Let’s get out there and contribute to it.

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