The Introvert’s Secret Weapon

Network Marketing Pro 2017 — Episode 5

In this video, Top Earner and Leader Tom Chenault talks about his Coffee Shop Interview strategy to find new prospects every day. He interviews people. It sounds simple or even daunting, especially for introverts. But there is more to this strategy.

As a radio guy, Tom understands the power of interviewing and asking great questions. So, that is what he does. He has conversations with people he meets. He finds out where they are in life—their views on Network Marketing, where they are financially, health issues, etc. And most importantly, he finds out what they don’t like and what they do want. Then, in a few days he calls them and sells them what they told him they wanted to buy, not what they hated.

It’s about finding out what is missing in their life, and then becoming committed to helping them fill it. More than an interview, you are having a meaningful conversation with them. People want to talk about themselves. And so, if you have a conversation whereby your entire agenda is having them feel better about having met you, and leaving feeling better about themselves, then you’ve done your job. That way, you aren’t looking at every human being you meet like a prospect. You are looking at them, listening to them, and seeing where you can contribute to their lives.

Talking to strangers every single day may seem scary, especially if you’re an introvert. As an introvert himself, Tom understands this. However, the Coffee Shop Interview strategy is perfect because it keeps the focus off of yourself. The more you ask about them, the less attention is on you. It is the best defense in the world because you don’t have to pull the curtain down on yourself. You pull the curtain down on them before they can do it. It’s an introvert’s absolute secret weapon.