The Invitation Is Where It Happens

Episode-The Invitation Is Where It Happens

Hayley Hobson shares important tips on how to approach the invitation when recruiting.

The energy you create is going to determine your ultimate results and your actions. So, energy combined with action will have a positive effect on your business. And with positive energy, your actions will be focused on adding value and impacting lives rather than this desperate energy of getting somebody enrolled or sponsoring somebody.

And the invitation is where it happens. The invitation is where you can make an impact and add value by inviting them into your life, not just a sit-down. In other words, you are sharing you.

The reason why it doesn’t work to just invite people to hear about your product or opportunity right away is because the magic hasn’t happened yet. You haven’t shared who you are yet.

With your warm audience, you can share the company, share the opportunity, and share the products. But with a cold audience, people will start attending events once they feel they have a relationship with you. And they will only feel that relationship if you let them into your life. You have to give them a perspective of what that life looks like.

For me, I knew that I wanted to be more than just my company and just my product. My product was an extension of who I was. So, I got on social media and built a brand. I shared my dreams, my beliefs. I shared that I am a mom-trepreneurs, a woman who is crazy about her kids and her family, and someone who believes that I am entitled to have a family and an entrepreneurial business.

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