“You can have more than you’ve got because you can
become more than you are.” ­ - Jim Rohn

The Mentor

Jim Rohn’s training has radically transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people. The timeless truths, basic laws and success principles inspire the essential shift in thinking that generates massive results.

SUCCESS has created Foundations for Success, a powerful 10-module video training program to teach the essential skills and fundamentals to confidently create your best life and reach the highest levels of success.

Master thought leaders present Jim Rohn’s life-changing training and walk through the philosophy, disciplines and processes they implement daily.

This program is PACKED with the same step-by-step training that Jim has taught to thousands who have become master thought leaders, business superstars and influencers who have created inspired lives, exceeded their goals and contribute deeply to their families, community and culture.

Here’s what you get when you order today:

  • Instant online access
  • Over 25 hours of exclusive Jim Rohn video training
  • Video training from 12 Master Thought Leaders
  • Listen on the go with audio files of all video training
  • Comprehensive Workbook
  • Worksheets and exercises for every section
  • Access to Private Success Forum
  • Lifetime access to dynamic video training that you will want to go back to again and again
  • Surprises - Each module contains additional video from the archives

Plus, an amazing bonus package with over 25 hours of Jim Rohn’s best teaching


All Change Starts With You

Today, you can choose to change everything.

This empowering training reveals that results are directly related to personal choices - success is not complicated once you understand the truths and implement the small shifts that build momentum and get massive results.

Jim’s message goes beyond positive thinking and abstract concepts and dives into the nitty gritty of transformation and successful living. This is the essential stuff that no one teaches but makes all the difference.

“Any day we wish, we can discipline ourselves to make important changes in our lives.” - Jim Rohn
“Unless you change how you are, you’ll always have what you’ve got.” ­ - Jim Rohn
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Act NOW and receive the Success in Network Marketing training with Jim Rohn! 4 1/2 hours of specific information to become a Network Marketing Pro- PLUS Bonuses!!

The Training

Available to you today, this complete video training program features master thought leaders who will lead the journey by sharing Jim’s training as well as their own insight and wisdom.

Return to the basics that make the biggest difference and learn to make the choices that bring happiness and joy into our lives.

“Success is something you attract by the person you become.” - Jim Rohn


Darren Hardy

Darren Hardy, mentor to CEOs & high-performance entrepreneurs, best-selling author and publisher of SUCCESS magazine will guide you through the framework revealing the simple truths and disciplines to create a life that is not just acceptable but memorable and to live with intensity, strength and wisdom.

“Jim said success is something you attract by the person you become. This concept alone changed how I went for everything in life. I realized that it wasn’t what I needed to do, it was who I needed to become. That changed everything” ­ - Darren Hardy
“If you will change, everything will change for you.” ­ - Jim Rohn

What You’ll Learn Inside The Program

Each video module includes a workbook and downloadable audio file so that you can listen on the go. The training is introduced by a master thought leader who will share his or her own perspective and best practices before leading you into the core Jim Rohn training. Darren Hardy closes each module with a final inspirational message.

Module 1: P​hilosophy - Mark Victor Hansen

  • Develop a guidance system to make your dreams come true
  • Lock in opportunities to enrich your life
  • Learn the simple truths that create massive success and join the 10%
  • Set your sail for success, joy, pleasure and abundance

Module 2: Attitude - Denis Waitley

  • Unlock your potential with these essential and powerful shifts
  • Avoid the diseases of attitude that sabotage success
  • Intelligently direct your emotions to leverage potential
  • Master the strategic shifts to live with intensity, passion and purpose

Module 3: Goals - Brian Tracy

  • Strategically craft goals to revolutionize your future
  • Create and implement a disciplined action-plan to achieve your dreams
  • Destination is determined by direction

Module 4: Leadership - John C. Maxwell

  • Build, inspire and lead your team to get results and drive success
  • Maximize time, energy and resources to get results
  • Master the skills of possibility, opportunity, rationality and ability
  • Discover and hone your optimal leadership style

Module 5: Lifestyle - Connie Podesta

  • Design an extraordinary life
  • Unlock the secrets to creating a life of meaning
  • Craft a life of possibilities, abundance and influence
  • Transform your future by developing the abilities to absorb, respond, reflect and act

Module 6: Communication - Les Brown

  • Master the art of effective communication
  • Relate to others with accuracy, sincerity, brevity and style
  • Pinpoint and hone your perfect communication style
  • Proven strategies to create deeper connections and masterful influence

Module 7: Influence - Tom Hopkins

  • Learn the proven presentation strategies for maximum impact
  • Master the art of persuasion to influence people and get results
  • Learn how to skillfully paint solutions to keep customers happy and drive up profits
  • Persuade with passion, authority and authenticity and get life-changing results

Module 8: Abundance - Tony Robbins

  • Build a life of financial independence and freedom
  • Learn the philosophy of the rich
  • Develop a financial statement & learn the disciplines of the top 1%
  • Create an affluence plan to develop and multiply wealth

Module 9: Productivity - Harvey Mackay

  • Maximize your most valuable asset (time)
  • Zero in with ultimate focus and work smarter not harder
  • Plan for your successful future so that you can create the lifestyle you desire

Module 10: ​Action - Darren Hardy

  • On any ONE day you can massively change the direction of your life!
  • Learn the 4 essential questions for instant action
  • Get the 3 proven strategies to change anything
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Act NOW and receive the Success in Network Marketing training with Jim Rohn! 4 1/2 hours of specific information to become a Network Marketing Pro- PLUS Bonuses!!

“You can have more than you’ve got because you can become more than you are.” ­ - Jim Rohn

The key to reaching your next level of success is understanding the timeless principles that have guided the most successful people in the world to create lives of meaning, abundance and fellowship. SUCCESS is proud to bring you Foundations for Success so that you can learn, reinforce and implement the simple shifts that led tens-of-thousands to dream bigger, live with intensity, integrity and passion and exceed their goals.

  • Access to an exclusive mobile-friendly training portal
  • Video introduction by Darren Hardy
  • 10 Introduction training videos by the Masters
  • 10 Modules of core training
  • The best of Jim Rohn’s training
  • 10 Audio files to take with you and listen on the go
  • Progressive workbook
  • 10 Workbooks to walk you through each section and bring the training to life
  • Surprise video features in each section
  • Comments for community interaction and inspiration
  • Modules are delivered weekly so that you can fully implement the strategies
  • The step-by-step training you need to understand the psychological shifts that make all the difference

Plus - for a limited time - get immediate access to these amazing bonuses with over 100 hours of additional Jim Rohn Training:

Bonus #1

How to Have your Best Year Ever

Introduction by John Addison

In these 4 life-changing videos and companion downloadable audio files, Jim Rohn shows how simple it is to begin to turn dreams into reality and shares the proven principles that inform, educate, energize and inspire you to make this year your best year ever.

Bonus #2

How to Use a Journal

Includes 4 inspiring downloadable audio files jam-packed with the keen insights and strategic guidance to teach you how to a journal to collect ideas and experiences and create the life of your dreams.

Bonus #3

Challenge To Succeed Audio & Workbook

With 52 downloadable audio lessons and a comprehensive guided 100-page workbook Jim leads the five transformational topics that guide you through self-evaluation and commitment and will inspire you to create your best life every week of the year.

Bonus #4

3 Keys to Greatness

Create an affluent life! In this audio guide to achieving financial independence and success, Jim Rohn covers the three places to begin in the quest for a future full of abundance, happiness and wealth.

Bonus #5

Lessons of A Lifetime

The complete set of all four Lessons of a Lifetime volumes in which Jim Rohn and Darren Hardy discuss the most important business and life lessons, productivity and time management, building wealth and financial independence, and the art of communication.

Bonus #6

Mentor to the Masters

The documentary featuring today’s master thought leaders as they discuss the timeless message and mentorship of Jim Rohn and the ten Foundations for Success.

Bonus #7

12-month Digital Subscription to SUCCESS Magazine

Discover your path to greater achievement. Each issue provides an inside look at the success habits of leading CEOs, entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities and other great achievers. Learn their tips and methods for time management, setting goals, staying motivated, inspiring colleagues and employees, living a healthy lifestyle, balancing work and family and more!

Everything you Need

Foundations for Success Includes everything you need to create a life of passion, purpose and affluence and master the simple disciplines that separate the humdrum from the extraordinary.

Start right away.

When you register, you will instantly receive your welcome kit and immediate access to the training portal and all of the materials you need to get started as well as all of the bonuses.

The first step begins today. Then, each week for ten weeks, a new training module will become available. In the forum, The SUCCESS Team will lead a discussion that will keep you accountable and engaged.

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Act NOW and receive the Success in Network Marketing training with Jim Rohn! 4 1/2 hours of specific information to become a Network Marketing Pro - PLUS Bonuses!!

In this training, Jim asks the question, “Why not see how far you can go, how much you can earn, how much you can share and how much you can give. Why wouldn’t you want to discover all that you can become?”

Too often people forfeit future success by not continuing to invest in their own development. Sometimes they reach a certain level and wrongly believe they’ve peaked. Success doesn’t have a limit. You can always become more, do more and share more. Learning and progress are directly related. Foundations for Success is designed to maximize the daily practice of personal growth.

Jim Rohn’s message has inspired and readied today’s thought leaders, executives, leading entrepreneurs and leaders. To bring the message forward, each section will be taught be a Master who will guide you through the process of integrating the simple but essential success principles that get results.

“Formal education makes you a living. Self­-education makes you a fortune.” - Jim Rohn

The bonuses are only available until September 20th, 2016 and registration is open for a very limited time.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

No-risk guarantee. Success is committed to support you in your journey and to always bringing you the highest quality information and training. If you are not 100% satisfied we’ll issue a refund no questions asked.

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Act NOW and receive the Success in Network Marketing training with Jim Rohn! 4 1/2 hours of specific information to become a Network Marketing Pro!