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Million Dollar Interview with Joe Occhiogrosso & Frank Marone

In this week’s Million Dollar Interview, Eric sits down with Joe Occhiogrosso & Frank Marone. Both these men always wanted to own their own business and had the entrepreneurial spirit. Frank grew up in Stanton Island and worked on Wall Street for 25 years. Joe grew up in New York also and was in the insurance business. Between new technology and the economy failing, both Joe and Frank were living month to month hoping their businesses wouldn’t crash.

Through owning their own business, they developed an important skill; how to build and maintain relationships. Relationship building will play a crucial role in their success in Network Marketing. Before Network Marketing, both Joe and Frank lived good lives financially. When the economy crashed, they saw their financial stability becoming threatened. They explored Network Marketing because they wanted major success and a huge income. They had to ask themselves, is this the avenue we want to take to get there. They saw other million-dollar earners achieve what they wanted and that was the push they needed to give Network Marketing a chance.

When they first got into Network Marketing, they experienced a few things that were hard at the beginning. Joe shares that he wasn’t used to people not showing up for a meeting with him. He said that it was disappointing to see people not value his time. Frank shares that he struggled with sharing his opportunity with people he knew could benefit from his business; they couldn’t see their own potential and they couldn’t see that maybe their booming business wouldn’t be around forever.

Joe and Frank found great success in Network Marketing because of their ability to build those relationships. Frank shares that their story was always that they knew a lot of people, had great credibility and people trusted them. The first 30 to 40 people they recruited were out of this network of past relationships. They took advice from people who had been in the business for 30 years and tried to learn from the experiences of others.

In conclusion, Frank shares that one of the most important and successful mindsets that he has developed is that Network Marketing is a lifestyle and that he is ultimately selling himself. Frank and Joe share that in order to be successful you must train yourself and be willing to learn. They shared the advice that prospects need to be exposed about 16 times before they say yes to your business so don’t beat yourself up if someone says no the first time. The biggest step that we have, the hardest thing for people to do, is to make that contact with someone and set up the appointment to see the business. What a lot of people do is they make the contact and they present the business verbally, which is not the way to really do this business, because that won’t duplicate. Success is there when you duplicate the business and train people. They share that this is a business of duplication and if you can master this skill then you can be successful too.

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