John Maxwell Gives His Advice on Leadership and Network Marketing

By Eric Worre


Ever wonder if your life, business, and career would be different if you were an expert leader?


There was a single book that revolutionized the world when it came to the subject of leadership. 18 years ago, John Maxwell wrote The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and changed the way we measure, create, and refine leaders.

“If people can learn how to lead, no matter the business they are in, they are going to become successful”

On a regular basis, I am in direct contact with industry leaders and professional trendsetters that explain to me the shift in their career. A large majority of their lives changed on a single day. John Maxwell’s story is no different than hundreds of others of ultra-successful leaders.

In my recent interview with John, he explains that his decision to become a writer and a leadership visionary all came from the advice of his mentor. He was told that writing books allowed him to extend his reach beyond his personal touch. That single piece of advice created a shift in John’s mind. From that point forward he decided he was going to help people realize success and he was going to do through writing.

It is hard to understand the full impact of a mentor.

In my own career, I felt like I spent years wandering through the fog. It was like I couldn’t get my progress to add up. I would build my team to 30 people or so and then I would have to watch it dissolve in front of my eyes.

But then…

My mentor gave me a piece of advice that changed my career forever. He told me that I needed focus on the opportunity I provided and not the profit. This single piece of advice led me to where I am today.

The most powerful part of a quality mentor-ship or professional community is not cumulative. It is not like you are part of a mentor-ship for its effect every single day. You are part of a mentor-ship or a community because you know there will be pearls of knowledge hidden within the everyday conversation. There will be pieces of advice that change the trajectory of your career forever.

To hear the entire John Maxwell interview, click the link below. Who knows you may hear something that changes your life.

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