Larry King Grills Me on Network Marketing and the Ultimate Recruiting Tool is Born

By Eric Worre

The stigma behind Network Marketing can be our biggest advisory.  “It’s a pyramid scheme,” “No one can actually make a living,” and “You have to be a salesman,” are all thoughts that roll around the mind of a person considering Network Marketing.  If there was only a way to bring legitimacy and validation to the profession…

Now there is.

I was recently interviewed by the legendary Larry King.  In the interview, Larry grilled me on the pitfalls, opportunities, and ideologies that surround Network Marketing:

  • Current Levels of growth and opportunity in Network Marketing
  • Is Network Marketing a pyramid scheme?
  • Why does Network Marketing have a bad name?
  • Are Network Marketing sales oriented or is it driven by signing up recruits?
  • Why would a company choose to distribute products through Network Marketing?

As well as:

  • What skills are needed to become a Network Marketer?
  • What is a Network Marketing professional?
  • The defining characteristic of a successful Network Marketer?
  • Where should you start?
  • How Network Marketers abused social media platforms.
  • Most common mistakes made by people new to Network Marketing?
  • How to optimize your chances of succeeding in Network Marketing.

Whether you realize it or not, your team relies on your leadership.  New prospects and new recruits come to you in every size, shape, and situation.  It is your job to help them overcome any obstacles they may have.

I believe this interview addresses many of the issues we face in Network Marketing.  Share it with your entire team.  Share it with your prospects and set their minds at ease from the get-go.

The growth in Network Marketing is at an all-time high.  The products, commissions, and opportunities are better than ever.  However, the reputation of Network Marketing is still a little shaky.  Exaggerated income claims and overexcited recruits need to be reined in.  Starting each and every one of your new recruits with a tool like this will get them started with the right mindset.

This 20+ minute interview can help you breach the difficult topics and set proper expectations.  Then after developing skills, avoiding common mistakes, and optimizing the chances of success, you will begin to fill your downline with a community of Network Marketing professionals.  Growth and prosperity will be a byproduct of the positive influence you have on the people around you.

I can’t wait to see the amount of validation and inspiration this brings to Network Marketing!

If you haven’t watched the interview do it now:

Watch Larry King Interview Now!