Leader Interview with Whitney Husband

Leader Interview with Whitney Husband

In this week’s Leader Interview, Eric catches up with Whitney Husband, a majorly successful young entrepreneur and mom. Whitney is from a small town in Texas with only 2,000 people. At the age of 28, Whitney has become wildly successful and is the definition of what Network Marketing can do for you.

Four years ago, as a single mom, Whitney had no choice but to be a stay at home in her double-wide trailer, searching for a future to make ends meet. She searched for jobs, considered getting a teaching certificate, and even started going back to school. That was when Whitney found Network Marketing on Facebook. She saw a friend’s post and decided she could start selling the product too.

For the first year and a half, Whitney just sold her product with a sales mentality. After some time, she realized that if she grew a network then she could really create something big. Through the use of Facebook, she created and built her network by creating virtual events that allowed her to connect with people from all over. She established the idea that people who have tried the product can share their testimonials with a large group of people and ultimately created a conversation. She created a super successful way to share her opportunity and gained amazing results for her business.

In the first 90 days, Whitney recruited 50 people through social media and was the youngest person to hit the top rank in her company. After the first year, Whitney was able to pay off all her student debt and help the people that supported her when she had nothing, her parents. By the second year, her income doubled. Recently, she was even able to buy her own house on 50 acres of land. What started out as a sales job to help her get out of poverty became a business that allows her to make an impact in other’s lives.

In conclusion, Network Marketing has helped Whitney build her confidence and fulfill her dream of being successful. Whitney is huge on empowering women and encourages you to believe in yourself. She shares advice that the more people you can reach out to and help, the more your business will grow. The more open to learning and growing personally, the more your business will grow.

Whitney has found a peace in letting go of what other people say and has pushed through her own struggles as a professional. Having to pick up the pieces several times, she encourages all Network Marketing professionals to not give up. The fight is worth it and she shares that you have control over your own success.