Learn From Their Mistakes

Episode-82-Learn From Their Mistakes

I have been thinking about mentors and how much you can learn from them recently. So, I wanted to share this old favorite video of mine.

I’ve had a lot of mentors during my career. John Joyce was an early mentor who was the first person outside of my family who believed in me more than I believed in myself. Jeff Roberti taught me some valuable lessons early on and continues to be a good friend and teacher. Of course, Jim Rohn was also a huge mentor for me. He started off more as a virtual mentor as I read his books and listened to his audios, and then later we became friends. Jeff Olsen and Randy Gage were also huge mentors for me. I’ve learned so much from these mentors and many more.

Now, there’s an old saying that goes, “Never meet your mentor.” Sometimes when you meet a mentor, you think, “Oh, he/she wasn’t what I expected.” You are disappointed, and maybe you see a flaw in them that just devastates you. I promise if you got to know me you would see problems with me.

I have learned a lot of positive things from my mentors and watched them do amazing things. But I’ve also watched them make mistakes. Every single one of my mentors made mistakes at some point and will make more in the future—just like all of us have and will. I have probably learned just as much from my mentors by seeing what mistakes they made and deciding that I didn’t want to do that. I’d learned from the good things they did, but I would also learn what I didn’t want to do.

When some people see their mentor trip and fall, they become so demoralized, disillusioned, and distraught that they find themselves losing their way. But there are no good or bad experiences. The best way to look at life is as a whole bunch of learning experiences. So, whether your mentor is giving you good or bad lessons, learn from them. Everything that has happened to me has helped me become what I am today, and the same thing is true with you.

The first time I saw a character flaw in one of my mentors, it was really shocking and troubling to me. Eventually, I learned that all of us are human, all of us make mistakes, and there’s lessons in all of it. Jim Rohn used to say, “You can follow a millionaire, but you can also take a failure out to lunch and ask how they screwed it all up.” Create a better strategy for yourself by looking at the mistakes of others. In everything that you see and experience, there are lessons for you to get better and grow. There are examples, stories, and warnings for you to be able to craft a better journey for you.