Let’s Talk Politics

Let's Talk Politics

In this week’s show, Eric does the most dangerous thing a person can do: talk politics…. Have you heard about the new Broadway show, Hamilton? Eric recently saw it with his family, and it reminded him that politics is a dirty business. Eric’s take on politics is that you should vote for the candidate of your choice and then practice the serenity prayer. Control what you can deal with and let go of everything that’s outside of your control.

People can get sucked down the rabbit hole of politics by spending all of their time and energy thinking about it or scrolling Facebook to like and comment on posts. But are those efforts really changing anyone’s mind? If you took all of that time you spend campaigning or giving your attention to political stuff and invested it in your Network Marketing business, where would your business be? Would you be ahead in your business? You become the average of the people you spend time with. So, you will become a zealot if you spend to too much time with political zealots. And if you stay a zealot, it will put a cap on your entrepreneurial future.

The best entrepreneurs don’t become political zealots. This doesn’t mean that entrepreneurs can’t be political. The best entrepreneurs can weigh in on politics, be engaged, and most definitely vote. Then once the results are in, they let it go and get to work.

So, go ahead and rant on Facebook about anything political, but after November 9th Eric is going to politely block all of the noise and focus on what he can control and what he can do. His purpose is to help you to go Pro and become a Network Marketing professional. Eric’s focus is on creating noise and attention around Network Marketing and around you!

Follow his lead. Block all of the outside noise and focus on your purpose. Put your energy into building your dreams instead of convincing other people to support your political views.

Go vote and let your voice be heard. Then let it go and get to work! Have a fantastic week regardless of the results!