Level Up

Episode 76 - Level Up

I’m old enough that I remember when the game Pong first came out. That was my very first video game, and the only way to level up in that game was when the balls would go faster and faster. Then, there was Miss Pac Man where you got different fruits as you leveled up. And it was exciting to be able to level up!

It’s no wonder why kids today are addicted to video games. The game makers know how to create an incredible experience that foster a community of other players and give them the ability to level up to get the next rank, unlock a special power, etc.

I know, you’re probably thinking, “What does this have to do with Network Marketing?” Well, you can understand how people who really understand the psychology of this leveling up philosophy grow faster than people who don’t.

There’s two kinds of people in life: the gamers and the hanger-outers. I’m a gamer. If there’s something to play, compete, win, challenge, then I’m interested. So, in Network Marketing I found that if I got involved and did this thing or that, then I’d advance to the next level. And suddenly, I’m at a higher level than others around me. But then I’d discover that somebody else was making more money. So, I’d find out what I’d have to do to do that, and I’d go do it. Then, I’d make it to the next level. And so on.

It’s exciting to level up! Whether it’s gathering more customers, growing your team, creating a specific amount of volume or structure within your organization, it’s fun to make it to that next level. So, make it fun for your team to do so too. Celebrate the level of success that people are having within your organization. Use it to drive yourself to higher levels, and then show other people how you did it.

You know why kids are becoming such wizards of online video games? It’s because it’s easy for them to crack the code because they have this social network of friends to ask how they reached the next level. If you’re smart and at a lower level, you’re going to go to somebody at a higher level in your company and ask “How did you crack the code? How did you get to this and that level?”

Learn from those who have gone before you, and utilize this psychology to your favor. People love games, and they love to level up. In Network Marketing, we’ve got an environment that not only helps other people, but is fun too. So, go out and level up in the real world.