I Like the Way You Work It

I like the way you work it

People ask me all the time, “How do I motivate myself to take action?” And unfortunately, here’s what many in Network Marketing are doing. Even those people making money will admit that if someone were to pay them for the work they did in the last 30 days, it wouldn’t be that much pay. In other words, they aren’t acting employed.

They are self-employed, but they don’t act like they have jobs. They act like they can work whenever, show up whenever, and get distracted whenever they want. They don’t have set hours or accountability. And so, they get these haphazard results.

What I tell people all the time is to treat this profession like a job for a while. Treat it like you’re employed for a while, and then you can treat it like a business where you have all of this freedom. But before you start to make any real headway, you need to treat it like a job. Act like you’ll get fired if you don’t put in your 8, 2, or 3 hours today.

Many people in Network Marketing don’t even have set hours that they work. They just do things in the crack of their life. And then they wonder why they’re getting scraps on their commission checks instead of substance. Substance comes from labor and work. It comes from building something of value. It doesn’t just come from hanging out.

Go to work. Employ yourself. Let your calendar be your boss. If you don’t do what you’re supposed to do in a day, then hold yourself accountable. Working a set number of hours isn’t even a goal. You wouldn’t call it a goal to go to your office and work for 8 hours. That is just expected. And yet in Network Marketing, too many people think that working an 8-hour day is a goal. That is backwards to me. We want the laws of business to not apply inside of Network Marketing for some reason.

So, decide not to be that type of person who is lazy, entitled, and always wondering where your check is. Decide to employ yourself. There’s great value in labor and in work that has meaning. Go do the work, and then you’ll have the benefit.

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