Meet the Experts for the Biggest Social Media Event in Network Marketing

Are you ready for what is sure to be the biggest, most talked-about event in Network Marketing? In FOUR DAYS, 16 social media superstars will share their secrets with YOU. The caliber of this expert line-up is more than impressive … it’s extraordinary and I think you’ll agree to get them all together for one day, to disclose exactly what they did on social media to make it big, is unheard of.

Here are just a few of the experts participating in the Social Media Summit on May 12th. Get ready to be astounded as they explain the remarkable success they’ve had using social media.

Ray and Jessica Higdon have recruited well over 700 people using social media and have taught tens of thousands all over the world. With close to 300,000 followers on Facebook, they have utilized social media in few ways others have.

Frazer Brooks consults companies on social media strategy and is an international speaker who has presented in 16 countries to date. Frazer has shared his social media tactics and strategies with over 140,000 network marketers in the last 11 months.

John & Nadya Melton built a $25 million-dollar team on Facebook and created a customer base that accounts for 80% of their income volume. They have a global team on four continents which produced over 1,000 new social marketers and 8,400 new customers last month alone.

Rob Sperry is a well-known network marketing coach who has taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to build their business online. His book The Game of Networking is one of the most read books in the industry. Rob has a social media following of over 100,000.

Haley Hobson has recruited 14-20 people a month using social media for the last 5 ½ years and has 100,000 people on her team around the world. In the last year, Hayley earned over two million dollars.

These are just a few of the experts you’ll hear from at the LIVE Online Social Media Summit Event taking place Saturday, May 12th from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm PT.

You have an unbelievable opportunity placed before you. The opportunity to learn from experts who have built an empire through social media and YOU can do the same.

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These experts have been assembled for the Live Online Social Media Summit Event on Saturday, May 12th. Through social media, they were able to connect with and recruit thousands of people very quickly and they’re willing to show YOU how they did it.

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