Mentorship is the Life-line Your Business CANNOT Live Without

By Eric Worre

The one thing that is vital to the success of your business is having a person or a group of people that have succeeded in a similar career available to you.  A mentorship from a single person or from a group of people is priceless.

Jim Rohn was my mentor and one of the most important people in my life.  He influenced me in so many positive ways.  Looking back it is hard to imagine how much different I would be as a person and as a professional without his guidance.

He taught me how to be tough mentally, organized, creative, and conservative.  Without his mentorship, I may have given up.  I may have wasted countless dollars and minutes.  I may have never pushed myself or imagined the greatest of possibilities.  I may have splurged when it was time to save.  I am forever grateful to my mentor.

The fact is, there are lessons that we will never realize we need.  There are techniques we will never have access to without a guide.  There is knowledge we cannot learn on our own.  For these reasons, a mentor is an absolute must if you are planning on being a success.

Have you ever wondered?

  • How do they get it all done?
  • How did she think of that?
  • How did they know that was going to happen?

The answer to many of these types of questions is the same.  They had a mentor that let them in on the secret, the technique, or the knowledge.

Having access to a mentor puts you in a workflow that does not exist anywhere else in the world.  It accelerates your ability to adapt, succeed, and learn.  It is like an exclusive party.  Everyone wants to be there, everyone wonders what is being discussed inside, but the only way you can get in is by invitation.

I relied on my mentor to tell me so many things.  Again and again, he would put me in check and make sure I was on the right track.  Some of the most powerful feedback I got from him was in simple questions.

  1. “Eric, is that goal worth setting?”
  2. “If you set that goal and then don’t achieve it, who cares!”
  3. “If you schedule your tasks and don’t complete them, what then?”

It is my belief that a quality mentor will not only change your life but change your career.  Don’t wait.  Call someone you admire or join a group of mentors.

If you don’t know who to ask, ask me.


Mentor Me!