Million Dollar Interview with Bri Richardson

Bri Richardson

This week Eric Worre sits down with million-dollar earner Bri Richardson of Fort Worth, Texas. Bri is a dynamic, friendly, driven woman who grew her business in 2 ½ years and has completely changed her family’s life since that point.

Bri grew up in middle America and like many from that area, she grew in a middle class household. Her parents had conventional jobs, and Bri attended private school and then went on to college and received her degree. After college, she had a few corporate jobs, found the love of her life and got married, and also had 2 boys. It was after the birth of her first son that she got involved in network marketing full-time. She had dabbled for a few months back when she was in college with a company, but it wasn’t the right fit, nor at the right time, but she was in long enough to see the vision of how Network Marketing could be a great opportunity for her.

After Bri had her first baby, she didn’t want him to have to go to daycare and she knew from her previous experience in Network Marketing that there was a better way, so she started looking for the right opportunity. She has been with her current company home for 2 ½ years now. Her success has afforded her husband the opportunity to leave his full-time job (that he did not love), and start his own successful entrepreneur based business.

From the beginning Bri took to Social Media to help her grow her business, which worked perfectly since she also had a baby to look after full-time. She worked 8 hour days, 7 days a week in the beginning. And it paid off huge. By the end of the first year she had earned $650,00 dollars. It was a real “pinch-me” moment for Bri. She soon became an expert at building relationships, and branding herself, her business and the products on social media. And she offers this advice to anyone who is building through social media: “Your social media profile is no longer your private profile, it is your business. You brand yourself by the things you put on your profile, so don’t be afraid to put things on your profile when it comes to business. And second, keep your emotions in check on social media.” She also gives valuable “what-not-to-do” advice, such as, don’t make every post about buying or joining.

Eric also asked Bri what other leadership and business growth advice she has for others, and like most high-level earners, her answer was; build relationships/friendships, focus on helping others, consistency and training events.

In conclusion, Bri leaves us with these words of encouragement and wisdom, “See the vision of what your future can and will look like, and put it out there. You can have everything that you ever dreamed of and be the person that you want to be. It can be you.”