Million Dollar Interview with Danien and Stephania Lo Gatto-Feier


In this week’s leader interview, Eric catches up with Danien Feier and Stephania Lo Gatto-Feier, two highly successful entrepreneurs both separately and as a team. Their two widely different personalities work well together with Danien being the no-nonsense, straight to the point, get things done side and Stephania being the bigger than life, contagious enthusiasm for life side.

Eric starts the conversation off by asking both of them to describe how they got started in the Network Marketing profession. Danien was introduced to Network Marketing early on at the age of 17. After school, he started doing Network Marketing part-time. In a few years, he went full-time and discovered several hardships. Danien quit Network Marketing for a time and started a real estate business with a friend. He slowly began to realize that running a business like that was a lot harder than Network Marketing. In Network Marketing, it was difficult in the beginning to get volume, but at least you got a check. In his real estate business, Danien felt owned by the people even though he wasn’t employed by them. He was making money, doing the work, do everything right, but not getting paid. Soon, Danien started missing Network Marketing.

It took him a little while to find the right company to get involved with, but eventually Danien started back in Network Marketing. Finally, on September 10, 2010 Danien made the decision to Go Pro.

Stephania had a very different experience starting out in Network Marketing. She was skeptical about the profession and didn’t believe that anyone could actually make it big. But she did love the products, and when she loves something, she wants to share it with others. She brought in so many new customers that the person she bought from asked if she wanted to start her own account. She still didn’t want to join Network Marketing, but she did agree to help. Soon, she discovered how great Network Marketing actually was.

Stephania lost a lot after her divorce. That was when she decided to enroll in Network Marketing for herself and her kids. She stayed with the same company and chose Danien to be her sponsor. Danien was a great help to her because he was always giving tips, helping others, and honest. He said that the first thing she needed to do was go to Vegas and the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event. It was great; she was able to grow her business from the skills she learned from Eric.

Danien says there are two important days in your business: 1) the day you start your business and 2) the day you start your business right. What inspired him to Go Pro was when he decided that luck wasn’t the factor that created success, but it was effort, skills, and dedication. So, he started working harder and his company grew until he met his financial goal in just nine short months. Then, he lost his biggest leader, and things went downhill. It wasn’t until he signed up for Go Pro Recruiting Mastery and decided to give 100% to his business that he was able to get out of his hole. That was when things changed. He became visible, and people knew his name.

Stefania’s decision to Go Pro came after she read Eric’s Go Pro book and attended the event in Vegas. Her attitude changed and she began to believe in herself. She had previously felt like she wasn’t good enough even for Network Marketing because of her prior experiences in life and because she had never worked. But once she was able to believe in herself and believe in Network Marketing, she was able to grow and succeed.

They conclude with some advice. There are two things you need to succeed. The first is belief – belief in your company, the product, the profession, and yourself. The second is the willingness to put in the hard work. It also helps to find your why, and remember why you are doing this when you feel like quitting. Finally, be real and authentic because the people you work with will feel that and respond.

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