Million Dollar Interview with Deni Robinson

Million Dollar Interview with Deni Robinson

In this week’s interview, Eric sits down with Montana cowgirl, Deni Robinson. Growing up in a small town in Montana, Deni believed she could do anything she wanted.

She graduated high school at age 16 and went to two years of college before getting married and starting a family. They didn’t have a lot of money and lived in a 40-foot RV type trailer. It was around this time that Deni heard about party plans and she got into direct sales. She made good money, and her husband started a CPA company.

In 1996, Deni was a top manager in direct sales. In a meeting, she said “That if this was one of those Network Marketing things we’d be doing much better.” Soon after, she saw a Network Marketing brochure with the words “If you’re willing to do for a couple years what other aren’t’ willing to do, you can live your life like others only dream.” That was what Deni wanted to do. And direct sales were not going to take her there. So, she excitedly joined Network Marketing. Even though Deni and her family were in a good place financially, she wanted to join Network Marketing because she always believed in the model and it gave her purpose and passion. And when purpose and passion collide, incredible things can happen.

Within a year of starting, the passion to help others engulfed her. When she saw the amount of people whose lives were changed financially, her heart was put on fire. She no longer focused on herself and her goals; she focused on helping others achieve their dreams.

When asked what makes her so special, Deni replied it was her hunger to achieve her big and audacious goals and her ability to turn away from herself and focus on her team. She is very self-motivated, focused, strategic, passionate, consistent, diligent, and persistent like a bulldog. She won’t be stopped. But she says, you can’t be all of those things unless your find something that lights your soul and that you love. That is Network Marketing for her.

One of Deni’s secrets was that she started by holding hour-long luncheons every week. It didn’t matter if only one person or ten people showed up, every week she invited people to hear about a breakthrough technology. And the best thing was that this tool was easy for her team to duplicate. Today, she rarely goes to a meeting because her team can hold the meetings.

The road hasn’t been easy, though. Deni had hard days first starting out where she’d come home and say that she could make more working at a 7-11. And she has bad days now as a leader of several teams. On those days, she fires herself, and the next day she rehires herself. Network Marketing gives her freedom to take a personal day when she needs one.

Deni leaves us with the advice that the decisions you made in past years got you to where you are now, but where you’ll be in five years is determined by the decisions you made today. So, get a mentor and get involved; keep raising your expectations; become a student of the profession. The four things you need to be successful is belief in the product, belief in your corporate team, belief in Network Marketing, and most importantly, belief in yourself. The goal of Network Marketing is to plant a seed, that grows into a tree, that will leave shade for generations. Make a difference for people who will never know your name. Live the life of your dreams by helping others live theirs as well.