Million Dollar Interview with Kierston and Kyle Kirschbaum

Million Dollar Interview with Kyle and Kierston Kirschbaum

In this week’s Million Dollar Earning Interview, Eric sits down with Kyle and Kierston Kirschbaum. Kyle and Kierston are Las Vegas natives and a power couple in the Network Marketing profession. This couple is fun, vibrant, and full of energy that stems from their entrepreneurial nature. Kyle and Kierston have always shared similar goals that allowed them to reach this new level of success together, but not before Kierston set the standards in Network Marketing first.
Kyle and Kierston are no strangers to the business world or the entrepreneur spirit. Kyle, having built numerous businesses from the ground up, ended up being the doubter instead of the believer. Kyle was the owner of a company that hit the decade mark in the business world. Having already made a name for himself, some very high level professionals from the Network Marketing profession sought out Kyle to see if he wanted to invest more into his future. Kyle’s wife attended this meeting and quickly started her own business based purely to only use the products. A year later things began to change.

Life happened and Kyle’s company completely fell apart. It was a very hard time in their lives; at that moment, they found themselves with three kids and dead broke. They moved into Kierston’s parents’ house in Utah to get back on their feet. The same leaders that approached Kyle the year before sat down compassionately with Kierston and empathized with their situation. Desperation drove her to open her mind and look at how Network Marketing differently.

Kierston states that her “why” in the beginning was very simple. No one was going to tell her where she could live or what she could do. Kierston worked day in and day out, feeling the fire of Network Marketing and two years later Kyle and Kierston moved back into their house in Las Vegas. During this two years, Kyle saw his wife succeeding in the Network Marketing profession, but it still did not click for him.

Kierston grew to become an inspiration not only to her network, but also to her own husband, and children. Kyle said she shared the gift of what she needed to do to save their family. Kierston shares that she strives to be very confident and to empower the feeling inside her that she was meant to do very big things. It’s this feeling that drives her to work harder. Kierston said that life is about progress. The success in personal development is very important and you must look at who you are as a person.
In only two years, Kyle saw his wife accomplished something that he had never accomplished in his own business efforts. Kierston was making enough money to support the entire family while also having the time to spend with her family. “There was overwhelming financial proof and social proof to be able to say well, maybe this will work for us,” said Kyle. Together they decided to work together and to share their excitement with other people.

In conclusion, Kyle expressed how important it is to be clear of what you want from the very beginning. Overall, one of the single most important parts of their journey was establishing and sticking to their commitment. They pulled and grabbed breakthrough ideas from every event that they attend. Eric agrees that events are where leaders are born. Personal development, hunger, and laser focus are the key ingredients to Kyle and Kierston’s success.