Million Dollar Interview with Margie Aliprandi

Million Dollar Interview with Margie Aliprandi

In this week’s Million Dollar Interview, Eric speaks to powerhouse earner, Margie Aliprandi. Margie has been in the Network Marketing Profession for 28 years and with the same company. Her success in Network Marketing has allowed her to travel all over for business and pleasure. She currently lives in San Diego and does a lot of business travel to Salt Lake City.

Before Network Marketing, Margie was a junior high music teacher and a stay at home mom with three children. When she found herself as a newly single mom of a 5, 4 and 2-year-old, she wasn’t ready to go back to teaching. She found herself consistently unable to pay her house payment and was pushed to settle for random jobs in order to make some type of money for her family. Margie was about to sign a contract for a new teaching job when she found Network Marketing for the first time in 1989.

Margie was driven by inspiration because desperation didn’t motivate her enough to take action. She saw the vision of Network Marketing right away. She fell in love with a product from a simple voicemail that was meant for the man she was dating at the time. The vision of what was possible is what got her to start her own business. In the first 90 days, with three little children, no money, and nothing go for herself, she made the decision to go all out.

She found a product that she could strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere. Eric explains that one amazing thing is many Network Marketing products fit this description. In her first 90 days, she recruited 50 people and went out there to really build her team. She set up meetings, built new relationships and was an entrepreneur machine. Her sense of self-independence was so important to Margie especially being a single mother. She wanted to find her security in herself, not in a man or anything else. She found that independence in building her own business.

In the first year, Margie was making more money in a year than she had ever made in her entire life. She made $187,000 in the first year by making a decision, a non-negotiable decision, a decision to be a professional. Margie expresses that the secret to her success was her emotional resilience. She experienced a lot of pioneering being involved in a new company. Margie whole heartily believed she could give people a new life; she wanted to help her team because she was so passionate about this gift.

Margie gives advice about gaining a thick skin in her business. It’s necessary to be able to decide that it’s okay when people leave and it’s nice to see people who stay for the long term. Sometimes change is heart-breaking, but in those changes there is always winners and losers. She says, “There’s always a gift in the change.” Margie finds a balance and explains how sometimes it’s good to weed out the negative people. This is called real life. In conclusion, Margie found so many gifts within her new career. She remarried and had another child in which she was able to take time off with residual income. Margie never had a month that was below $15,000. She said, “Wow, this passive income really does work.” Now her 4th child works with her in her business—24 years later.

Over the course of her career, Margie has racked in an overwhelming 20 Million Dollars in commissions. Margie is a believer in giving yourself that season of massive action. She contributes her success to that first year in Network Marketing. Her resilience and drive has allowed her to still get paid today for what she did 28 years ago! Through the challenging times, she’s had to start over time and time again, but one of the biggest lessons she’s learned is not letting the feeling of betrayal get her down. Keep going and set that feeling aside. If you put in the action, a lot of great things will happen.