Million Dollar Interview with Mario Oreggia

Mario Oreggia

Recently Eric Worre was speaking at a conference in Vienna, Austria, and he had a chance to interview million-dollar earner, Mario Oreggia. Mario is 32 years old and the #1 earner in his company in Austria.

Mario spent his years, before he got started in network marketing, in the restaurant business waiting tables, working along side his mother, father, and 2 brothers. It was the typical Italian family restaurant. However as much as Mario loved his family, he also saw how hard his mother and father had to work. So at the age of 24, Mario started searching for a better opportunity. Initially, his parents weren’t that supportive as they wanted him to stay with the family business, but eventually became supportive of his decision, although they didn’t understand the profession.

Ever since Mario was a little boy he was entrepreneur minded and wanted to be in business for himself. Once Mario found his opportunity he worked hard at building, and in his first year, he made 150 Euros, and he has been on the rise ever since.

As Eric continues to interview Mario, we learn what separates him from others in business, and what he attributes his continuing success to, First, is strong self-motivation. Second is to tell a story, speak in pictures. What this means is to build a story around the company, product, or service and then tell people, because people might not remember the product, but they will remember the story. And then duplicate this throughout your team. Teach them to do the same. And third, Mario is very strong in emotions and motivation. He pushes his team to spend time in development whether it is personal development or learning more about the industry, product or service. And last, treat the business as a business, maintain professionalism.

Today, Mario is a million-dollar a year earner who has developed over 5,000 leaders and has grown his network to 1.5 million, and he has achieved this in just 7 years. In closing, Mario leaves us with these words of advice, “See this business like a real business…have a lot of self-motivation, give everything that you have, and never give up.”