Million Dollar Interview with Tom and Denice Chenault

Million Dollar Interview with Denice and Tom Chenault

In this week’s Million Dollar Interview, Eric interviews Network Marketing leaders, Tom and Denice Chenault.  Tom and Denice have been in network marketing for over 18 years and their biggest passion is helping people achieve the life of their dreams.

Denice grew up in a conventional family and was in college when she realized that she didn’t want to do the traditional career path… After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, she had an Ah Ha moment and it opened her mind to the vision of what is possible. She got involved in her first network marketing company when she was in her 20’s. She fell in love with the concept of network marketing and building residual income.

Tom is a brilliant minded man, and had much success in several different careers, but up until he was 40, he struggled with alcohol addiction which sabotaged all his successes. After reaching a point in life where he had no more job prospects, he found a safe haven in network marketing. He got sober, he started loving his life again, found love with his wife Denice. Those changes in his personal life also helped his network marketing career and together, Tom and Denice were able to build a very large team over the past 18 years.  They now make over 1 million dollar a year in commissions.

Eric asks them “What do you do that’s different from the tens of thousands of people that got involved and aren’t earning what you’re earning?” The answer is “Never Quit.” As Denice tells us, we made a decision to learn the industry, and to be a professional at it, and they spend a lot of time and effort into training, events and personal development.  They also hold themselves accountable for training their downline so they can teach their downline… Another thing they do is the Coffee Shop Interview. Everyday they “interview” 2 people.  What that means is they is make friends, they have a conversation, they find out about them, what they like, don’t like, what their life looks like, what their money looks like, etc, and find out what is missing in their life…  then they commit to helping them fill that void. They don’t have to look at every human being they meet like a prospect.  They look at them and see, where they can contribute to their lives.

They set these interviews up on the fly, or with people that they have recently met and spoken with, old friends, and they recruit around 2 new distributors or more a week. Just by making friends, asking questions, and adding value to someone’s life. As Eric points out, true leaders in this profession become incredibly good about asking questions.  They also teach their people how to do these “Coffee Shop” interviews.

Other ways they help their team is through training’s, events, home meetings, Super Saturdays. And the best advice that Tom and Denice can give is to just love people. Don’t go into it with a hidden agenda, be genuine, and if someone rejects your opportunity today, you should still develop a relationship with them so that if in the future they find themselves looking for opportunity, they’ll come to you. Also, don’t reinvent the wheel. Reinvent yourself. The company has a system, there are systems that work, leaders, mentors that you can follow, but if you don’t work on yourself and learn, then you will never grow very far.