Million Dollar Interview with Donna Johnson

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In this week’s Million Dollar Interview show, Eric Worre interviews network marketing legend and one of the most powerful women in the entire profession, Donna Johnson. Donna is an incredible superstar, million-dollar a year earner, and she has been in the profession for 39 years, 29 with her current company. She is a true leader and has a strong commitment not only to her business, but she leads from the heart and inspires others in her company (and the profession) to do the same. Over the past 39 years, Donna has used her commitment and dedication to helping others catapult their businesses, and many of the people on her team are now six and seven figure earners.
In this 30 minute interview Donna shares her insight and wisdom into what makes someone successful in Network Marketing, and what takes them from part-time to professional. Donna explains that to get that your business ‘up into orbit, you need the majority of fuel at takeoff’, and to manage your expectations. This is not get rich quick business, it will take time, commitment and dedication to gain some traction. Donna further explains that you need to contact the people, see the people, show your product and business, help people become successful, build your team. It’s building a circle of success, just do those same things over and over. The most successful people are consistent and committed.

In conclusion of this insightful interview, Donna leaves us with these words of advice: Don’t compare yourself to other people because that’s so often what we do. Listen to your up line and be coachable. Just attach yourself, have a long term plan and never give up. And last, work on your personal development, it’s part of your business foundation, because if you aren’t growing personally, then you will never arrive at where you really want to go with your business.

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