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Million Dollar Interview with Emily and Hayden Vavra

In this week’s Million Dollar Interview, Eric Worre sits down with Emily and Hayden Varva of Minneapolis, MN to find out how two young entrepreneurs have built their million dollar empire.

Emily and Hayden tell us a little about their back story, and how they grew up together and were high school sweethearts but then they went their separate ways for a while. Emily went to massage therapy school after high school, and went to work for a plastic surgeon… quickly found out that working for a wage wasn’t enough for her, and she took on a second job as a nanny, she even created her own online program in the fitness industry. She was working round the clock to make a living, it was during this time that a friend of hers got laid off from the mortgage banking industry and started Network Marketing. Emily watched her journey on Facebook, and eventually called her friend to see if her company was “hiring.” She had no idea that it was network marketing, but she told her friend “whatever you do, I want to do it.” Her friend met up with her, and got her started. Emily was 23.

Hayden was a football player who went on to play college sports after high-school, and his original plan was to become a doctor and he majored pre-med. He wanted to help people. However after college with football no longer an option, and he was already in debt from regular college, he didn’t feel that he could go on to medical school and incur more debt, but he really wanted to help people… He had been watching Emily’s rise to success for over a year, and they had kind of rekindled their romance prior to that, so he told her that he ready and open to get serious about Network Marketing.

Looking back now, Emily knows that the first year she was in Network Marketing was an incredible journey for her. That formative year provided her with confidence, self-development and growth, unlike any she had experienced before. Once Hayden said he was in, Emily had him “jump in the pool with both feet”, and they were off and running on building their business.

Since that time, they have signed over 360 people to their team, and their success continues to grow. As Hayden tells us, one of the contributing factors to their success is their consistency in their work approach, and events. They have an event every week, and they are always building towards their next big event. Events have been huge in helping them grow. And while they have had to overcome a huge learning curve, their consistency, drive, desire, and always having a plan in place has been paramount to their success.

Emily reiterates this, and also talks of their passion. Not just their marriage passion of wanting to grow together but of their passion for their work, and being a guide to others. To help them grow, earn extra money, live a better quality of life. This passion of contributing, serving and helping others fires their souls and makes them want to work even harder every day.

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