Million Dollar Interview with Gloria Mayfield Banks


Get inside the mind of a true network marketing professional with this in-depth interview with Gloria Mayfield Banks.

Gloria shares her story of how she became the high-level Network Marketing 7-figure earner that she is today. Gloria has always been a person who reached for the top, whether it was making her cheerleading teammates practice with her at 7 am during her high school years, working in a pizza parlor, getting her MBA from Harvard, or becoming a top sales person for IBM; she wanted to win. She has always wanted to excel and reach for greatness. And it is that same winning attitude that attracted her to network marketing; the growth, the unlimited potential, the unlimited income.

A little back story on Gloria… She is educated. Very well educated. She received her bachelor’s degree from Howard University, and then followed her sister to Harvard University where she received her MBA. Her and her sister are the only 2 African-American sisters to have both graduated from Harvard.

After college, Gloria went to work for IBM, and it was at IBM that she realized that this type of work and pay structure were not for her. After becoming a top sales person for IBM, she was placed on salary, which capped her earning potential. Because Gloria is the type of person who does not like to be held back and likes winning and being rewarded for her efforts, this did not bode well with her. It was also during this time that she decided to leave an abusive marriage and get a divorce… And that is when the opportunity walked in, she was invited to a party. A network marketing party … At first she started with a small vision, she wanted a little extra money, a little more fun, and then she saw the prizes and the recognition, and the rest is history. She started building, her team started building, and they were having fun. Two years later she left her well-paying executive level job (now at Harvard Business School), and made the decision to Go Pro, to become a Network Marketing Professional.

Gloria has been in the network marketing professions for over 28 years, is a 7-figure annual earner, and her group is connected in 5 different countries.

Watch this 43-minute video as Gloria shares her story, and also on what you can do to achieve success and how you can learn to think, act and be a 7-figure earner also. Gloria is a living testament that tenacity, filling your mind with positive energy, and growing yourself is paramount to achieving your goals.