Million Dollar Interview With Hayley Hobson


In this week’s show, Eric interviews million-dollar earner and Network Marketing rockstar Hayley Hobson. In this 48 minute in-depth interview, Hayley tells us what lead her to becoming a Network Marketing Professional, and gives viewers some of the strategies and ideas that she used and uses to grow her business.

As we learn at the beginning of the interview, Hayley was always a type-A personality. She was an A student in school and always worked a part-time job during her high school years… she had the same dedication to excel as she went on to college and law school, regardless of the fact that she didn’t “have” to work or take out student loans. She wanted to achieve good grades and she wanted to make money. She went on to become a bankruptcy attorney for a couple of years after law school, earning 6 figures, but soon become dissatisfied with that life. She didn’t want to be in a courtroom all day, she didn’t want to work on someone else’s time schedule nor work for someone else. Eventually she decided to become a Pilates and Yoga instructor, and fulfill her passion for helping others and have a more flexible lifestyle for her and her family. However, it was during this time that she became really sick and started looking into alternative more holistic remedies for her health. And it was also during this time that she realized that she needed and wanted a carerr that allowed her to make more residual income. That is when she found a product line that really resonated with her, and she recognized her true passion: helping other people be more healthy and successful.

As the interview unfolds deeper, we learn about how Hayley launched her business and how she gained success by harnessing the power of social media. She didn’t bug her friends and family, she got social and networked with people, most of them she didn’t even know at the time. Eventually her family and friends tried her products and started understanding her vision, and as her business grew, she even had old high school and college friends approach her wanting to get involved. Hayley stuck with her vision and goals because she had drive and consistency in her daily action plan. She didn’t have the mentors starting out that maybe some other people have in the industry, but she had a goal, a supportive family, and she was committed to going Pro!
In conclusion, Hayley gives some real world advice for anyone who aspires to do what she has done, and that is: Have a Huge belief system. Love your products, have (or get) a firm level of belief in yourself, and take action steps. “You are the CEO. You are going to have to commit. You have to show up.”