Most people will tell you to set a goal, create some activities around that goal, and then form new habits that will help you reach that goal. Those are great steps to achieve results, but I want to share with you a completely different mindset.

Here is what I want you to think about: your motivation matters. In other words, why is it that you’re pursuing the goals in the first place? Why is it that you’re wanting these changes to happen?

When I first got involved in Network Marketing, I was totally and completely focused on me – my income, my rank, my recognition, etc. But what happens when you set goals based upon just you, it is a bit empty and the motivation starts to waver throughout the year. The same thing typically happens with New Year’s resolutions. By now, most resolutions are already broken because, I believe, their motivation was misplaced.
Instead of focusing on goals to get, there’s a better strategy that will help you actually achieve those goals but with a different purpose. I have determined two things that not only motivate me but also work better to help me achieve my goals: Growth and Contribution.

With those two things in mind, I can not only achieve my goals, but I am also happy. When I’m growing, I’m happy. When I’m contributing to somebody else’s life, I’m happy. So, not only is it helping me, but it is helping others. I’m getting better, stronger, and wiser, and I’m also contributing to the world. I am fulfilling my purpose in life.

So, I want you to look at your goals through those two filters. Think about goals that will force you to grow and will help you contribute to other people. As the old saying goes, “If you help enough other people, everything will be fine for you.” Everything will be taken of for you. If you only take care of yourself, you’re going to live a small life. If you rank advance, and you don’t really help other people or you step on other people along the way, you’re not going to feel happy, fulfilled, or satisfied. But if you achieve that new rank because you helped other people get to where they wanted to go, all of a sudden, everything takes on a new meaning.