She Needed To Think Bigger

Network Marketing Pro 2017 -- Episode 12

Give yourself permission to think bigger! Don’t settle for where you are right now. Crank it up. Then once you get there, ask yourself, “What would happen if I cranked it up a little bit more?”

Eric talks with Dawn to get her to think bigger about bringing people to an upcoming company convention. Dawn has a team of about 4,000, and right now, she is bringing 100 of those people to the convention. So, what would it take to do everything in her power to get it up to 200 people? What if everybody brought one other person? Or maybe she could set up a campaign that would recognize people for signing up for that campaign? Why couldn’t she challenge every person on team to recruit one person and bring that new recruit to the convention? It’s just a series of questions! That’s all thinking bigger is. It’s asking questions to push yourself a little more.

Once she thought of it that way, Dawn thought that she could push herself to get 400 people to the convention. And with Eric’s help, she is now certain she will have 400 people.

Eric gave her a challenge that would guarantee she would get to 400 by presenting consequences. The challenge was to go to, an accountability website. There, Dawn would put in $25,000, an amount that would be painful if she lost it. Nothing would happen to the money unless she didn’t get at least 400 people. If she didn’t reach her goal, that money would go to her ex-boyfriend!

Suddenly, getting 400 people was not a problem. Dawn had no doubt she would reach her goal because there was no way she was going to let her money go to her ex-boyfriend.

Hold yourself accountable for your goals, your dreams. You need to make it hurt if you don’t follow through. You do that, and it’s already done. It will be as if your goal is already accomplished.

Dawn thought bigger, and now she is ready to reach higher!

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