Network Marketing Legend Lisa Grossmann

Lisa Grossmann

In this week’s Network Marketing Pro show, Eric Worre interviews Network Marketing Legend, Lisa Grossmann. Lisa is a close friend of Eric’s and she has done some amazing things in her history and in Network Marketing. She is a million-dollar a year earner with very interesting life experiences, and despite it all, she has achieved a level of success most only dream about.

Lisa grew up in an entrepreneurial family, but as Lisa describes, it is as an unusual family with a lot of love and screaming, and according to her, they put the “dys” in dysfunctional. was an over-achiever. Lisa was the second child, and from a young age, she was always trying to get attention through over-achieving. She was extremely bright, but she did not follow the traditional education path that many might think she would. She left high-school at the age of 16 after skipping several grades, and started at Wayne State as a second semester sophomore, just a few months’ shy of turning 17.

After a short stint in college, she relocated with her family to Dallas, Texas and helped her mom (and family) by running medical clinics that specialize in weight loss, and business was good. Until it wasn’t. Lisa had a tumultuous relationship with her mother, and her experience with owning a business alongside her mother made her feel like a slave to the business, and although business was good, she hated it.

It was during this time that she was introduced to network marketing. She loved it, and thought it was great escape from the family business that she didn’t enjoy. She worked hard, and on paper it looked like a success… in hindsight, she realizes that while she kept sponsoring and working hard, what she didn’t do was duplicate or train her people, and so it all collapsed. And then the family business came back to haunt her, in a life-changing way.

The FBI started an investigation into the family business for health care fraud and they wanted Lisa to testify against her mother. When she wouldn’t do that, they went after her husband, and then talked about her and her mother being sent away together. To save her husband from no crime he had committed and to not have to testify against her mother, Lisa took a plea arraignment and agreed to a 1 year incarceration in a federal prison camp.

It was during her incarceration that she had two life changing moments. The first came after only a few months of being in the camp, and she was miserable and filled with self-pity. She made a friend one day with another inmate, and that inmate helped her turn from negative to positive with these words “(Time) is gonna come or go, whatever you do. You can either let the time do you, or you can do the time, and all you have to decide is, when you look back on the nine months, nine months from now, how do you want to remember the time?” And at that moment, her life changed and she started truly living and trying. The second turning point came just a few weeks shy of her being released from federal prison camp, and she was filled with self-doubt and worry about what life would be like once she was released. She went to the camp chaplain who gave her some tough-love and much needed advice, “You have been living your life like it is a sole proprietorship, and I have news for you. It’s not. It is a partnership…. Your job is, you are gonna go home. Every day you’re gonna get up. You are gonna shower up. You are gonna shine up, suit up, and show up with a smile on your face…”

After being released Lisa went to work, she contacted people she had known previously in network marketing and people who owned network marketing companies, started inquiring for work… Her persistence paid off, and she got back in the swing of things, and eventually started building her own Network Marketing business again. And the rest is history and amazing things started happening… and within a few years she had a million dollar year. She has now made over 10 million in commissions.
Looking back, Lisa says that time in her life, although not ideal, was the best thing that could happen to her. It forced her to change. She walked away from victimhood, self-pity and she decided to suit up, shineup and take her mentor’s advice.

When asked what separates a million dollar a year earner from everyone is, Lisa replies, “They focus on their strengths; they don’t worry about their weaknesses, and they don’t worry about what other people think about what they’re doing because they’re too focused on what they’re creating.”

Another characteristic of a million dollar a year earners is that they seek out other world class people. they understand the power of collaboration, meaning successful people know what they’re good at, and they look for people that are good at other things because they know that collectively they’re even stronger.

In conclusion, Lisa gives these words of advice “The best advice that I can give you is to get over yourself. Because if you want to be successful in this profession, the first thing you have to realize is, it’s not about you… When you can learn how to move people, you will make millions, and you won’t even care about the money. It (the world) is full of people who just need to believe that there is a better way, and that they can have a better tomorrow than yesterday, and they need you to help them see a bigger picture for themselves. And to do that, you have to stop looking in the mirror and start looking out.”