NMPRO #210 – A New Year’s Challenge (and a gift)


Are you ready for the Challenge?  For all those who post a comment on EVERY show for the next 100 shows, we will conduct an exclusive FREE “Players Only” webinar.  The rules are simple.  When we reach #309 episodes, we will look back to see who has posted a comment on the previous 100 shows.  If you do, you win (in more ways than one).  If you don’t, well…

I promise the Webinar will be amazing, but the REAL value is what will happen to YOU as you commit to putting your thoughts in writing 5 days a week.  And for those who say they don’t have the time, give me a big fat break.  I’m here every day, you can be here every day.  Let’s start the adventure!  Who’s with me??

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