No Support from Your Upline Could Be Your Biggest Asset

By Eric Worre

So, you’ve taken the plunge and you’ve signed up for Network Marketing.  You had five follow ups with your friend over coffee, went to a local presentation, had a conference call with someone from the company, and you are finally ready to get started with your own business.

Suddenly, your friend is gone.  The friend who spent all of that time going over every aspect of the company and telling you how you can succeed in this Network Marketing business is nowhere to be found.

You feel abandoned and betrayed because now you have no direction, no encouragement, and no support at all from your upline.

What if I told you this was a gift?  I know, I know it doesn’t feel like a gift right now.  But hear me out.

Relying on Your Upline

Without an upline to support you, you have the opportunity to step up and become the leader you’re supposed to be.  If you had a fantastic upline that did everything for you, told you exactly what to do, or held your hand through building your business, then you wouldn’t become much of a leader.  Besides, your business will not grow very much if you rely on your upline to be there for you the entire time.

My Upline Left Me

I had a moment early in my career where I could have despaired that my upline wasn’t supporting me or I could step up and become a leader.

Upline Created MeetingsIn one of the early companies I was involved with, there was a leader who did a fantastic job of setting up weekly meetings with great presentations and powerful testimonials.  These meetings were perfect because all I had to do was bring a prospect and everything else was done for me.  I became known as the guy who always had someone new with them at every meeting.

Here’s what I would do.  I would get my prospect to come to a meeting, and then I’d sit next to them nodding my head to everything that was said during the meeting.  I would nudge my prospect, and say “Isn’t this cool?!”  Then when the meeting was over, I would turn to my prospect and ask what they liked best.  And I was getting people signed up.

But then the leader who was setting up these meetings left.  Suddenly, the meetings weren’t very effective.  Instead of every week, they were only once a month, and the testimonials were just not inspiring.  The company wasn’t holding the meetings to the same quality as they had been, and there were even rumors that the meetings were going to be phased out completely.

This was bad.  The meetings were the only way I was getting people signed up.  So, I went to the company and I asked for them to continue the meetings, bring the quality back up, and make them weekly again.  They refused.

I Had a Decision to Make

This was my crossroad.  I was no longer receiving support from my upline.  And I had lost my one strategy of getting prospects to sign up with me.  I had a choice to make.  I could despair and wait for someone to come along and help me figure out what to do.  Or I could step up and do the meetings myself.

I ended up going to a hotel and handing over my rent money to reserve a room.  I then put together a presentation, and told all of my family and friends that if they loved me they would be at the meeting.  They didn’t need to sign up, but they needed to show up and nod along with what I said.  Otherwise, the only people at the meeting would be my one or two prospects, and a meeting with only a handful of people isn’t very successful.

Upline Abandons YouI had around 50 people at that first meeting.  And I kept going.  I kept holding more meetings, and they kept growing.

I rose up and became a leader in that moment.  If I wanted to keep building my business and succeed, I had to take charge and figure out how to do it myself.

Rise Up & Do It Yourself

So, if your upline isn’t providing you with the support you think you need, do it yourself.  If you think you need more training, train yourself – read books, attend events, purchase training programs.  If you aren’t provided with the resources to present to prospects, create your own resources – set up a powerpoint, reserve a meeting space, find another distributor who is willing to participate in a conference call.

Remember, YOU are responsible for your own success.  Take charge.  Become a leader.  And reach your own success.

If your upline isn’t providing you with any support, then you have to make a decision.  Are you going to despair and settle for less than your potential?  Or are you going to step up and become the leader you were meant to be?