Now Boarding Flight 100 to Success

Now Boarding Flight 100 to Success

Imagine you’re the pilot of an airplane, and you’ve got everyone ready to take off. Now remember, you’ve got to be reasonable because you’ve got a job, kids, and other responsibilities. But you are in the plane, you’ve joined.

If you put the throttle at 30%, are you going to get off the ground? Any pilot will tell you no. What if you give 50% or 70%? You’re still not going to get off the ground! It’s simple physics. Now, you’ll be moving. You’re taking the product and signing someone up here and there, but you’re not getting off the ground or building momentum.

You’ve got to give it 100% to get off the ground! If you don’t give it 100% at least once, then eventually you’ll get to the end of the runway, and you’ll either have to put the brakes on and get off the plane or crash and take everyone with you. So, you’ve got to give it 100% to get off the ground.

But once you get off the ground, you can’t keep giving it 100% because you’ll run out of fuel and burn out the engines. You have to pull it back and maintain your altitude at 65%. Then you can cruise for a long time. Maybe you’ll come to an event and refuel, then keep going. But you won’t reach that cruising altitude unless you make one burst at 100%.

Sometimes all it takes is a crazy, insane burst of energy for 2 weeks. Or you pick a 30-day period of time to recruit 20 new people. Once you recruit those 20 people, then you are at an altitude that you can cruise at. So, I challenge you to recruit those 20 people in a short period of time. If you’ve never recruited 20 people, then you’re just going in circles on the runway. If you want to get to another altitude, then the price of entry is to go all out at 100% and bring in 20 people.

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