Old Concepts + New Techniques = Unlimited Worth

Episode-88-Old Concepts + New Techniques = Unlimited Worth

What would it be worth to you if you never ran out of quality prospects to talk to? What would it be worth if you had prospects coming to you, asking you questions about your product or opportunity? What would it be worth if you could have a process for identifying unending prospects, converting those people into customers and distributors, and doing it not just for yourself but for your team too?

What would that be worth to you? It would be worth a lot of money, right?

Well, the answer to achieving that is with concepts and techniques. Concepts are the things you need to focus on long term. They are the eternal principles that will stand the test of time. For example, some concepts in Network Marketing are finding prospects, presenting to them, following up, answering questions, overcoming objections, closing, and getting new distributors started. Those concepts are never going to change.

And there are a lot of techniques that you can utilize in order to be able to perform those concepts. One of those techniques that has exploded in effectiveness and duplication over the past three years is social media.

Now I was resistant to social media for a long time until I did the research. And I’ve seen a lot of people who have recently cracked the code. I have become convinced that this is a technique that you can use with the proven concepts to reach success. You can blend the old school concepts with this new school technique.

So, what would it be worth to you if you could learn to master social media to grow your business? If you learned how to use social media to unlock all of these relationships with people around the world that are looking for your opportunity, what would that be worth?

I think the answer is hard to come up with because it’s such a big number. If you could crack the code on social media, the effort would be paid for so many years over.

You can grow your business by keeping with the old school concepts and blending the new techniques to leverage the new technologies that are helping other people succeed. So, what would it be worth? It’s virtually unlimited.

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