The One Question You Need to Ask

Episode-108-The One Question You Need to Ask

Today, I’m giving you the Magic Question in Network Marketing. This is the one question that I’ve learned and used throughout my career that will create more results in growing your business than any other question.

It’s simple and easy to remember, just four words:  IF I, WOULD YOU?

This question works so well because it’s easy to remember and it’s reciprocal. What that means is that you are offering to do something first, and then asking them to do something. We’re hard wired as human beings to respond positively to that type of question.

There are several practical applications of how to use this question, such as: “If I gave you a sample of my company’s product, would you take it? Or if I gave you a DVD, would you watch?”, and many other examples. You can literally apply any aspect of your business to this, and it works even inside of your organization.

Incorporate this key concept into your Network Marketing business; make it become second nature in all of the questions that you frame for a prospect, or even for your team members. This simple idea can be implemented immediately, and will increase results in your business building and prospecting efforts!