One Small Decision Can Change The World – NMPRO #1,025

I saw a video yesterday and had to share it with you.  In one way it has nothing to do with Network Marketing and in another way it has everything to do with Network Marketing.  Each day we have an opportunity to reach out and make a difference in another person’s life.  In the moment of connection you have a choice.  You can pour your heart into that relationship or you can keep the walls up.  You can be a “Pay it Forward” type of person or you can just think about yourself.

All of us have challenges in our lives.  And while you can’t control all of the things that happen to you, you can certainly control the meaning you give to those things.  In the end, that meaning will determine the direction of your life.  Have a blessed day my friends.

P.S. After I posted this, some people in countries outside of the United States have said that the video doesn’t play in their country.  I apologize, but this is a YouTube video of a story from CBS news and YouTube must not have the rights to air it Internationally.