Over The Line

Over the Line

In this week’s show, Eric shares concepts to get people involved and to also get them to stay in your Network Marketing business.

There’s always going to be people coming into your business and leaving your business. The reasons will vary: it didn’t meet their expectations; they weren’t willing to face their fears; they felt a little piece of rejection. Every organization experiences this fluctuation and this profession is no different. It is the responsibility of the leader to improve attrition and reduce the number of people that quit.

In every person’s mind there is a line. On one side of the line, the brains says it’s easier to quit and on the other side, the brain says it’s easier to stay. This concept is called “Over The Line” and getting people to cross the line from easier to quit to easier to stay is KEY to getting people to stay in your business!

If you help your team earn even $1, a customer, or help them rank advance, it’s easier to stay. If they’ve gone to an event, experienced training or built relationships, it becomes harder to quit. This is how to build your team’s confidence and help people stay focused on their dreams. This is an exercise that you will use time and time again. If you want to experience better retention, longer lives of the average distributor in your organization, and move people from average to extraordinary, then you need to be aware of this line. This has helped me over the course of my career and I know it will help you too. Use this concept! Use it wisely, use it well and use it often!