The Past is Not Dead

The Past is Not Dead

In this week’s training video, Eric Worre touches on a subject that not many of us want to talk about: The Past. Not many people want to talk about the past, as it forces us to examine ourselves. As Eric explains our attitude about the past, the meaning that we give to the things that have happened in our lives will allow us to either move forward, or it will keep us where we stand.

Many people are absolutely trapped by their past; and they’re reliving the same story over and over and over again. They either look at the past as something they’ve become a victim of, or they look at their failures and have lost their sense of self.

Eric talks about when he was young and just getting started in Network Marketing, and he had a huge amount of self-doubt that he was going to repeat his current pattern of behavior. Prior to Network Marketing, he went through 18 jobs. Either he could look at his past and view himself as someone who didn’t finish anything nor was disciplined enough to be successful, or he could change his mindset and start viewing himself as someone who had to go through 18 jobs to find his passion. Eric says those “failures” were necessary to open his mind to the possibilities of what network marketing might provide for him and his family, and his future. Once he changed the meaning that he applied to his past, he had the fuel to move forward into the future.

Many people find themselves stuck. They are stuck with a meaning that applied to the past in their lives. Even people who have been involved with network marketing for a while might find themselves stuck, and those negative connotations about the past might be affecting the future. For example, if your self-talk says “I can never get duplication”, or “I am not a leader”, and if you say it enough, you will repeat the past. But if you change the meaning that you apply to it, and refocus, you can use the past as schooling, as leverage.

Use your past to drive positive outcomes for your future and your personal belief system. You control the meaning that you apply to the things that have happened in your life. Allow yourself to forgive mistakes from the past and understand it was part of your journey, even if it was a mistake that you made yesterday, it still doesn’t define you.

In conclusion, Eric gives us advice on how you can break the negative cycle, and move forward in a positive direction, “If you want to move forward in your life, look in your past to find the repeating patterns that keep happening over and over and over… Break whatever self-destructive pattern or negative pattern you are in, and you’re free to move to the next level.”

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