Play Catch

Episode 75 - Play Catch

Today, I want to talk with you about a secret to accelerate success. And the secret is to find a friend. Whether they are in your upline, downline, or crossline, find someone in your Network Marketing company to be friends with. Treat that friend like a workout partner, and talk with them all the time. Doing this accomplishes a couple different goals.

First, if you bounce ideas off of someone else, it speeds up your learning. You can ask each other what they think of this or that idea, brainstorm new strategies, etc. You are sharpening your ax through the conversation, discussion, and feedback. It’s really difficult to do something like this on your own. It would be like trying to play catch with yourself where you throw it and then you have to run after it. But if you have someone to play catch with, you can throw it back and forth. So, having a friend will sharpen your game.

Second, you can hold each other accountable. When you’re having a bad day, they can push you. And when they’re having a bad day, you can push them. You don’t let each other play small. You push each other in order to get the best out of each other. It’s not a trainer-student relationship. You’re both the trainer and student for each other.

Third, the relationship itself is beneficial. There will be sometimes where you’ll stay in the game or do more because of the relationship that you’ve built, the friendships that you built. One of the things I love about Network Marketing is that we have an excuse because of our financial opportunity to spend more time with interesting people. We have an excuse to spend more quality time with positive people. And that rubs off in your life.

So, find a friend. Keep your eyes open for someone who you might be able to really connect with and develop a good vibe with. It might not happen the very first time, and it may take a few starts and stops to get there. But I promise you, it’s worth it. I’ve had so many friendships over the course of my 30 years in the Network Marketing profession, and they have improved me and my quality of life. And I’d like to think that I’ve improved them too.

While you’re searching for a friend, just know that I’m your friend too. We may not be able to play catch, but I can hold you accountable and offer you some good ideas. Where you are in the world, as you’re building your Network Marketing business, just know that you have a friend in me. You have someone believing in you.