Presentation School: Network Marketing Training

Presentation School: Network Marketing Training

In this week’s show, I share with you about a principle that is very important in Network Marketing–How to increase the number of quality and qualified presenters in your organization. I am a huge fan and big believer in third party presenters, but looking within your own business can be the answer you need to help grow your team.

Sometimes what’s necessary to expand your organization and give it more stability is to give it more presenters. Here’s what I mean by that, typically there’s only a few presenters in an organization. The amazing thing that happens when you present, is that you hear the words over and over. I know for me, learning how to be a presenter was a dramatic confidence booster for my business!

I felt ready to tell the story whether I had a tool in front of me or not. I could help my team by telling the story for them and being that third party tool. There were days that I didn’t feel like doing my Network Marketing business, but guess what, I did the presentation and by the end of it I was motivated and saying to myself “hey, what were you thinking, why are you having a bad day!”

I want to give you an assignment, I want you to come up with some strategies on how to increase the number of presenters in your organization. These are the people who can say the words without you around. This is about increasing the number of people who can share the story, explain the product, share the compensation plan and do a call to action!

Create a Presentation School. Take inventory within your team and ask them who would like to become a presenter? Who would like to learn to speak in front of people and share the opportunity? You’re going to get a lot of people that want this opportunity! Pick one night a week and practice. Let your team practice the skill of presenting in a safe environment where they can learn.

Here is what I know, the most stable and growing organizations have the most presenters. They have the most quantity, competent and quality presenters. Without the presenters, people saying the words, the belief is not the same. Presenters are critical in our profession! You must create a presentation school within your organization. Once you teach somebody to be a great presenter, they can go out on their own and spread value wherever they go. Take this principle with you and multiply the number of presenters in your organization so you can see dramatic results.