Proof A Person’s Life Can Change in 8 Minutes

Proof A Person's Life Can Change in 8 Minutes

Do you remember Todd Ellingson?  Back at Go Pro Recruiting Mastery, Eric talked with Todd about what was holding him back in his business and Todd’s confidence was transformed before our eyes.  If you want to re-watch the clip, click here.

We ran into Todd at the Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing event, and we were so excited to see the difference!

Todd told us that his ability to talk to people has totally changed.  It is no longer about the money, but about building relationships and being empathetic.  He is learning to present with his prospects, and knowing that it might not be the right time for them.  This was a huge shift for him because when it was about the money, it seemed like nothing ever happened.  But he has now talked to more people in the past four months than he did in the last three years combined, and it’s all because he is focused on them.

Todd has now gotten to a place where he hears his prospects’ problems instead of diving in with, “I’ve got something to show you.”  It is about building relationships and down the road finding the right time to present the opportunity to them in a way that benefits them.  Todd has gotten out of thinking it’s about me, me, me.  He is building his business the right way.

Recently, Todd was on a plane and he struck up a conversation with a young man.  He found out the young man’s passion was tennis and that he wanted to become a pro player.  But then the young man made the comment that he was too old to become pro.  Todd assured him that it was never too late to go to the top, and instantly there was a shift in the young man because somebody cared.  It wasn’t about prospecting at that point, it was about building a relationship. 

Todd said that the job was so much easier when he didn’t come from a place of prospect but of just talking to more people.  It is no longer about him; it’s about how can he change and inspire somebody else.

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