Proper Expectations

Proper Expectations

One of the biggest dangers in our profession is when we say it’s easy and simple and everyone succeeds. If you purchase a franchise and read the disclaimer, it tells you that it’s hard, you could lose your investment and more, and it might be five years before you make a profit. But there’s an opportunity if you’re strong enough to take it. That’s what the rest of the world does. So why do we claim that Network Marketing is easy and simple? We don’t do ourselves any favors by talking like that.

We also overstate the products and services. We say that the product can cure these challenges or issues and can make this stuff go away. But if you overstate the products and services, not only does it create a bad expectation in the marketplace with our prospects, but it also creates a bad reputation in the mind of regulators. And that’s not something we want.

Everyone in Network Marketing, including myself, is also guilty of at one point in time overstating the success rates, expectations of income, and the amount of work in this profession. In our enthusiasm or desperation, we overstate all of these things to our prospects and we end up losing credibility with our prospects and with the rest of the world.

So, what if we said it’s challenging, but it’s worth it? Here’s what our products do and what they don’t do. Not everyone succeeds, and there’s no guarantee of income. What if we told them that if you want to build something, you’ve got to work your face off? That’s the truth. If you told that to someone who was an entrepreneurially wired person and a little competitive, they would be ready to dive in.

The truth is good enough. What we have inside of Network Marketing right now is so good that we don’t have to claim it’s easy. We can say that yes, you’ve got to work your face off. We can say here’s what our products do and don’t do. Here’s the real commitment. The truth is good enough.